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             National Commercial: Greenlight App              
             Ring's Neighbor App (AMAZON)
              Talking Elsa and Friends (HASBRO/ DISNEY)
Sløborn TV Series (Voice Dub)


Greenlight Financial Technology 'Invest In Your Best Investment' - National Commercial

Explainer: Ring's Next Generation of Motion Detection

Commercial: Stick Up Cam by Ring (Amazon)

Commercial: How Ring's Video Feature Works (Amazon)

Home Booth by LA Vocal Booths

Commercial Demo - Delilah Kujala
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Animation Reel - Delilah Kujala
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Video Game Reel - Delilah Kujala
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Promo Reel for GLOBO - Delilah Kujala
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Benedetta 'Death Oath' Skin: Video Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Commercial: Radinn "Make Waves"

Pilot Anime: "Phantom Hollow"